January 2011

If you are a movie buff and spent time to watch a couple of DVD movies on the weekend in the comfort of your home on a PC, then you will really like a video utility called Chopper XP that allows to cut you favorite parts/scenes from a DVD movie or a video file. Many times we watch a movie and like some specific part of the movie (such as an action scene from the Face/Off or The Matrix)to keep in our collection rather than the whole movie which can be quite large ranging from 4 to 8 GB in Read More >

Bit Torrent is the dominent P2P protocol for dowloading files these days after the fall in the number of users for Kazaa(FastTrack) and eDonkey2000 network. These days you can find almost anything that you are looking for via BitTorrent ranging from software, movies, TV shows, animes, music albums and to documents of different kinds. But not all of the stuff that is available for download is legal, so caution must be taken by the users to download only the stuff that is indeed legal. A number of really good BitTorrent clients are available for Windows. They include uTorrent, Azureus, BitComet, Read More >

Many people around the world are using Skype these days to make free audio and video calls to their friends,colleagues and family members having a computer. Skype also offers phone calls to any land line or mobile phone from around the world on a very low rate. Newer versions offers video conferencing facility as well.These days Skype enabled phones are also available that may be appealing for the people on the go.But the problem for many people using Skype is that application installs some extra nuisances along with the main Skype application that not every body needs. As an example Read More >

Many of us spent a large portion of their time on computer browsing Internet for variety of purposes such as surfing websites, checking email, chatting, passing time on social interaction websites, blogging and many other activities. A lot of us are using Firefox as their browser of choice for the surfing/browsing needs on the Internet. Sometimes when busy on a task in FireFox we need to quickly launch an external application from windows such as calculator to do some calculation, a note taking/reminder application or simply a blogging client to write a quick post about something that grabbed our attention Read More >

geek jewelry 6

  As you know this site is for uber geeks like you people that are reading this, so today I have decided to bring you guys/girls some jewelry tailor made for geeks. Some of this geek jewelry is build using creative use of computer parts. Just cheek it it out and give me your opinion that what is your favorite from this collection? I have listed my favorite at the top.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 8 is an extremely high quality system application that will allow to perform partitioning, backup, file system format conversion, repairing and many more operations on your hard disk. In many ways you can compare it to the excellent Partition Magic 8 that has almost become an industry benchmark for any other software that involves partitioning and other operations of this kind on your hard disk. However Partition Magic has not been updated for a long time and remember it is a shareware application. Paragon Hard Disk manager supports all the features of the Partition Magic and Read More >

As more and more bloggers start to go to special events specific to the niche of their blog such as consumer shows, automobile shows, sports events and any other event, they want to provide a coverage of all the happenings on their blogs as soon as possible for their readers. Currently they have to write down all the stuff in the blogging client then check out that everything is working fine after they have uploaded new content on their blog. All of this becomes really difficult considering that they are already on the run for the coverage of the event.This Read More >

If you are searching for a suitable gift to give to your loved one? Ok! you are good to go as you really have got a great option now available, as Apple has just released the iPod nano in pink color just in time before the valentines day. Now iPod nano is available in six colors in all including the red one. As with all other colored iPod nano models this one is also only available in 8GB version which you can have for 199 US$.  All the other features are similar to the other IPod nano color variants. Well, Read More >

When it comes to file searching in windows particularly in Windows XP all we have on our disposal is windows built-in searching capability that is not very good as it does a real time search for files based on your specified criteria. Biggest disadvantage to this approach is that it is really slow and may take a whole lot of time if you have a large hard disk and a lot of data is stored on to it. Windows XP does have a file indexing service but it does not have a suitable front end interface that some one can Read More >

Mobile Phones were originally meant to be only for communication or stay in touch no matter if you are at home, office, traveling or somewhere else but as the technology has evolved so does the mobile phones. These days mobile phones can be used for so many other things besides talking to someone including SMS, browsing Internet, playing games, listening music, watching video’s  and capturing photos and movies etc. Now add another capability to this ever growing list as a team of researchers in UK are working on a new software for the camera phones that will allow them to Read More >

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