Use the KO Approach to View the Contents of a Folder in a Scrollable Menu

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ko approach1 thumb | Use the KO Approach to View the Contents of a Folder in a Scrollable Menu Sometimes when you are browsing the folders in windows explorer you want to view the contents of a folder but at the same time you don’t want to go in to the folder and than again navigate back to the top folder.This is true in particular if the main folder you are in (from where you want to see the contents of a child folder) contains a large amount of files and folders because from there if you navigate in to another child folder, it will take some delay when you try to navigate back depending upon the files and folders in your main folder.

In the scenario mentioned above a utility called KO Approach can be really handy. First of all please note that it is not a freeware but a shareware, but the good news is that its trial never expires and you can evaluate it for as long as you want.Now if you are equipped with this utility and consider the scenario mentioned above, then you do not need to go in to each and every folder to check its contents from the main folder. Instead you will just click on the desired folder and hold the mouse for the fraction of a second and magically all the contents of the folder will appear in a menu and now you can execute some program if you want from the parent folder or perform just about any other operation on the included files or folders of the child folder using the context menu. Its that easy!

If you view the contents of a folder which contains pictures using KO Approach it will show the preview of the pictures as well which can be handy. You can also preview wav format files this way, but sorry no mp3 preview yet. A nice touch is that you can view the contents of a zip archive in the menu and execute any file with in the zip archive using the associated program in windows explorer. Many settings such as scrolling delay and number of lines scrolled for each mouse wheel flick can be customized. Another side-feature is that your favorite items can be displayed in the traybar menu. Third and the last feature it supports is the title bar menus, but you can only activate two of the features at a time from the above mentioned features in the trial version. This is the only limitation that trial version has that I know about.

ko approach2 thumb | Use the KO Approach to View the Contents of a Folder in a Scrollable Menu

I am using this program to reduce clutter on my desktop, as I used to have lot of program shortcuts on my desktop. Now I have placed the shortcuts of the most essential programs on the desktop and than move the shortcuts of the less frequently used programs in to another folder that is also placed on the desktop. Whenever I need to access one of these less frequently used programs, I just click and hold my mouse on that folder and a list of all the shortcuts is presented. I will simply click on the desired program to execute. I understand that it may seem a bit awkward in the beginning, but once you get a hang of it you will really like it.

Only utility that I can recall that will allow you to navigate the contents of a folder in such a way is QTTabBar that I will discuss in another article. However although QTTabBar can do a lot of other things as well but its folder navigation using menus is not as customizable and intuitive in my opinion.

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