Returnil Virtual System – Test New Applications in Windows without worries!

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2008 01 13 022549 thumb1 | Returnil Virtual System   Test New Applications in Windows without worries!If you are like me and try out a lot of new applications in windows, and after testing these applications you feel that windows is slowing down and then you uninstall a lot of these applications, but the problem persists then you need a solution. The thing is the un-installers of most of the applications do not completely remove all the traces of the application and there are still orphaned registry entries and files in the system folder and other places, as a result Windows is still bogged down. This situation can be a lot worse if one of the applications that you are trying to install is rogue and corrupts windows settings. Now consider an other scenarios that you have a well configured system but your younger brother, who knows nothing about the computer wants to play a game, you want him to play the game, but you don’t want him to mess with the system settings. And now consider yet an other scenario, that you want to surf some sites that are not completely safe and may introduce trojans,viruses that are still new and may not be cached by any of your security software then what you will do?

Enter the realm of Returnil Virtual System which is a system application that can be used to deal with all the scenarios mentioned above and a lot more. Application is free for personal use. It creates a virtual storage system on your computers RAM when turned on and stores all data you subsequently access or store on the RAM instead of your real harddisk(they call it virtual cloning). When you will restart your system all the changes that you made to your system partition will be removed effectively bringing your system in a state where it was before you turned it on.New version RVS 2008(beta) also lets you use your harddisk to clone your system partition rather than the system RAM.When using this mode it will use your harddisk for cloning, so It will allow to selectively commit changes which is not possible if you are using RAM cloning feature. System settings can be password protected. Since any of the changes that you make to your system partition during the time it is enabled will be lost, so you may want to store your important documents/data that you have created or downloaded to another drive before restarting the system. Developers also claim a boost in speed of your system, when virtual coning is enabled on RAM and it looks like that their claim is not completely wrong in my experience with the application.

To make the long story short, I would say that It is a great system application if your requirements fall in any of the scenarios mentioned above. I am personally using it to test new software without cluttering my system partition. It’s usage makes sense when you only want to install a single software, after your testing of a dozen of applications.Regarding the use of this application to test/install new software, it should be noted that you can only do it if the software installation do not requires a restart. If the application that you are trying to install using virtual cloning requires a restart after installation for full functioning, then you cannot use RVS to test that application, because after restart all the changes that were made to system partition will be reset.

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