XP Performance Tweaks, If They Really Work? Myths Debunked!!!

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How many utilities categorized under the headings of system utilities, system optimizers,system tweakers, tune-up utilities, boot optimizers, RAM doublers ,system cache optimizers and so on exist that claim to enhance the performance of Windows XP system in one way or the other? I think limitless. I am sure that any user that uses Windows XP as the operating system of choice on his system(that many of us do) have used at least one of them at some point. However not all of these performance optimizing utilities do all the goods to enhance the performance of your system as they claim! Even they can decrease performance in the worst scenario when you are expecting them to increase your system performance.

There is a very interesting and eye-opening article about the different optimizations/tweaks that above mentioned utilities perform to claim the boost in performance of your Win XP system. The title of the article is "Myths Regarding Windows XP". According the author of this article he works as a consultant for the Microsoft. He has done a reality check of a lot of common misconceptions about Windows XP that are widely considered as true by many of us. In this article he has taken each myth(read popular believe) apart and analyzed if it is true or false or partially true. He has categorized the myths in sections such as ‘Reliability Myths’, ‘Optimization Myths’ and ‘Security Myths’ etc. Some of the popular myths that he has uncovered are present in the optimization section as you might have expected and some of them are listed below for your reading pleasure:

  • Deleting the pre-fetching folder improves performance.
  • Deleing temp files improves performance
  • Putting the paging file on the ram disk improves performance
  • Disabling certain services such as task scheduler improves performance
  • Launching folder windows in a separate process will help improve performance
  • Disabling the QoS will free up the bandwidth reserved by it
  • Registry cleaners help improve performance

And now two very interesting security myths:

  • Win XP has more security vulnerabilities than Linux
  • Win XP firewall is not good because it lacks outbound filtering.

You can access the article here.You will really have to go there to check the facts(at least from his perspective).I have personally seen a number of these tweaks in a countless number of system utilities both in shareware and freeware categories.I have to say that I do agree with the results of most of the myths that he has debunked. But this is my opinion, yours may vary. After reading this let me know what do you think about his findings in the comments section .

On a side note, he has done a similar kind of myth debunking article about Firefox and at points compared it to Internet Explorer and Opera as well. But you will notice that this debunking myths about Firefox article is biased towards Internet explorer and the facts he has mentioned are not as crystal clear as in the article he has written about WinXP. Take caution! because many Firefox fans will get angry after reading this particular article not because he has shown Firefox to be an inferior competitor to Internet Explorer but because the arguments he put forward to prove this are not entirely based on the facts and also he has ignored countless facts that could contradict his findings.Perhaps something that you might expect from an Internet Explorer fanboy.

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