View,Browse or Download Images From Flickr Using Flickr Hive Mind

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flickr1 | View,Browse or Download Images From Flickr Using Flickr Hive Mind Flickr is photo hosting and sharing site that also happens to be one of the best examples to demonstrate that how a good Web 2.0 based online service should be built. It is extremely popular among people that want to privately share private,family photos or want to share their photographic creations with the general public. It is estimated that Flickr now holds over 2 billion photos. Key reason for its popularity is the wealth of useful tools that it provides to its users to upload, manipulate, share, organize and control the access to the photos. Flickr is particularly popular with blogging community who likes to host their photos on the Flickr to display in their blog postings.

But despite the features and facility it provides to its users sometimes you want to browse a lot of photos say 200 or 500 photos in one page quickly and also want to fetch them based on different criteria such as username, interestingness and groups etc. If that is the case, then you need a more suitable interface for these kind of tasks than Flickr itself provides. This is where Flickr Hive Mind comes in. This is an online web service that that utilizes the Flickr API to provide you with an interface well suited to view,explore and download large amount of images. User can view images based on common criteria such as photos shared by a user, a tag name, group name and interestingness. Number of photos that it should fetch in one page can be adjusted from 1-500. You can set the thumbnail size from 75 to 500 pixels. Please note that Flickr is using content filtering on some results and as a result they will not be shown in the query. You can view filtered photos by logging in with a valid Flickr/Yahoo account(the account you are logging in with must have content filtering disabled for this to work) from within the Flickr Hive Mind interface as shown in the picture below.

flickr hivemind thumb | View,Browse or Download Images From Flickr Using Flickr Hive Mind

I have found Flickr Hive Mind service to be very responsive and it do not takes a lot of time to show thumbnails of even 500 images! on a single page if you have a broadband connection.  If you are not willing to use this service for some reason then I can refer to another web service that does the same (fetch photos from the Flickr using their API) that is called Flickr Leach. But Please note that Flickr Leach do not supports the login feature to your Flickr account to disable content filtering in case you want to do that. I was using the Flickr Leach before I came to know about the Flickr Hive Mind. Now I do not intend to use any other service for Flickr photo browsing because it supports all the searching capabilities that you can access from the Flickr’s own website. If you want to search, browse or download the images based on different criteria from Flickr then Flickr Hive Mind is highly recommended.

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    Is it possible using this to download entire pages at one time, rather than opening each photo to its Flickr source and then downloading … such as using WGET?

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