Use Your Camera Phone To Work As A 3D Mouse!

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dn13187 1 500 | Use Your Camera Phone To Work As A 3D Mouse! Mobile Phones were originally meant to be only for communication or stay in touch no matter if you are at home, office, traveling or somewhere else but as the technology has evolved so does the mobile phones. These days mobile phones can be used for so many other things besides talking to someone including SMS, browsing Internet, playing games, listening music, watching video’s  and capturing photos and movies etc. Now add another capability to this ever growing list as a team of researchers in UK are working on a new software for the camera phones that will allow them to work as essentially a 3D mouse for your computer with the mobile buttons working as the buttons of the mouse. This is not much different from how the Nintendo Wii controller works.

Your camera phone loaded with the software will connect to a computer with the help of Bluetooth and once a connection is established, it will be able to control any element on the screen in 3D. Some volunteers were asked to resize an image on the screen, they selected the picture using the phone buttons and rotating it by moving/rotating the mouse. Moving the camera phone closer to the screen allowed to zoom in the image and moving away allowed to zoom out.

Researchers say that this technology has a lot of potential because large billboards we see at many places are just normal computers with big screens and this technology could allow people to interact with them using their camera phones. For now only a prototype is built and no timeframe is mentioned when the technology will be available to general public. It will be interesting to see the potential applications for this technology once it becomes available.


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