Do Real-time Blogging using Coverit Live’s Live Blogging 2.0 Web Service

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live blogging | Do Real time Blogging using Coverit Lives Live Blogging 2.0 Web Service

As more and more bloggers start to go to special events specific to the niche of their blog such as consumer shows, automobile shows, sports events and any other event, they want to provide a coverage of all the happenings on their blogs as soon as possible for their readers. Currently they have to write down all the stuff in the blogging client then check out that everything is working fine after they have uploaded new content on their blog. All of this becomes really difficult considering that they are already on the run for the coverage of the event.This manual and cumbersome process takes a whole lot of time.and still after all that effort bloggers cannot communicate about everything they want in real time as that is happening on the spot.

Now Covrit Live is a company that is aiming to change all this by their free web service that they say will allow bloggers to post content on their blogs in real time as they write down all the things and that is not it, as their service will also provide live coverage with dynamic polls, frequently asked questions and comments feedback all through a single web service to engage the subscribers/readers.. This is similar to instant messaging in some ways but of course much more sophisticated.

All of this happens through a AJAX styled window that is embedded in you blog/post that is much like a widget that we used to see in blogging software. But of course far more powerful than our normal WordPress widgets. One click blogging allows to search something in Google image search or video and post it to the blog view window in a single click. Media library feature is also available where you can prepare all the media before show/event and post it on time. An important thing to note is that formatting problems are not an issue as with a normal blog because it presents the live blog contents as they are appearing to the readers in the author’s console window and he can fine tune everything in real time. Comments posted by the readers also appear in the author console, where he can moderate them before letting them go on the live blog. Multiple authors can work on a single post in real time if they want. Amazingly all of this happens in real time. It can prove to be a gift from heaven for the bloggers that provides a live coverage of such events on a regular basis on their blog. Take a look at the console that is provided to the author below.

liveblogging | Do Real time Blogging using Coverit Lives Live Blogging 2.0 Web Service

If you are curious you can go to their website and take a test drive for free to get a feeling of this service. Currently it is in beta.


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