iPod nano Now Available in Pink Color

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pink ipod1 | iPod nano Now Available in Pink Color If you are searching for a suitable gift to give to your loved one? Ok! you are good to go as you really have got a great option now available, as Apple has just released the iPod nano in pink color just in time before the valentines day. Now iPod nano is available in six colors in all including the red one. As with all other colored iPod nano models this one is also only available in 8GB version which you can have for 199 US$.  All the other features are similar to the other IPod nano color variants. Well, I personally like the red and black flavors more than this one, but of course it may be more appropriate with the occasion and the fact that you have got a suitable person to give it to(hah…).

zune pink red 1 | iPod nano Now Available in Pink Color

zune wallpapers1 | iPod nano Now Available in Pink Color

But Microsoft is not sitting idle either as they have also released Zune in pink and red colored flavors but in fact they have taken it even further by introducing them with valentine’s day themed wallpapers and romantic tunes. A good collection of wallpapers for all three models relevant to the occasion is available here for download.Prices are for Zune 4 149$, 199$ for Zune 8 and 249$ for Zune 80. All the other features are similar to their respective models that are already present in the market. I think Zune in red looks very cool indeed and this is the one that I will go for when I have enough money.On a side note, if someone don’t have enough money than he/she should hunt for a used Zune 30 model with a 30 GB capacity. As you can find them on a bargain if you look around and they are really good deal considering the price that you can find them for these days.

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