Cut & Save your Favorite Scenes from a Movie using the Faster & Easier Way

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cut | Cut & Save your Favorite Scenes from a Movie using the Faster & Easier Way If you are a movie buff and spent time to watch a couple of DVD movies on the weekend in the comfort of your home on a PC, then you will really like a video utility called Chopper XP that allows to cut you favorite parts/scenes from a DVD movie or a video file. Many times we watch a movie and like some specific part of the movie (such as an action scene from the Face/Off or The Matrix)to keep in our collection rather than the whole movie which can be quite large ranging from 4 to 8 GB in size for a DVD title.

This utility is simple but highly effective for the job that it is intended for. One of the advantages is that no re-encoding or re-compression is involved as with many other utilities as a result the actual extraction process of a scene form the video is really fast and the selected clip from the video is saved in the vob format.Extraction of your favorite scene from the movie is just a simple 5 step process as shown below:

Step 1. Open the vob file from the DVD movie that contains the scene that you are interested to extract.

Step 2. Hit the play button once so that the movie is loaded and is visible in the Chopper XP and then hit it again to pause the movie.

Step 3. Now drag the seek cursor to the point from where you want to start the scene cut process and click the "Mark In" option.This will mark the start position. You will notice that video updates in real time in video preview pane.

chopper xp start thumb | Cut & Save your Favorite Scenes from a Movie using the Faster & Easier Way

Step 4. Now drag the seek cursor to the end position of the scene you want to cut from the video and hit the "Mark Out" option. This will mark the end position. Note that the estimated file size of the selected scene to be cut from the movie is also shown. Also note that you can seek one second forward or backward form the current position using the provided buttons if you want to fine tune the "Mark In" and "Mark Out" positions.

chopper xp end thumb | Cut & Save your Favorite Scenes from a Movie using the Faster & Easier Way
Step 5. Now you just have to select the "Save vob as" option from the File menu to save the selected scene. It will quickly save the movie clip to the location you have selected from the save dialog.

It is important to again emphasize the fact that Chopper XP only works with the vob files. You can download the Chopper XP from here.

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  • Tim

    using Windows to edit movie files is like using bricks to paint a canvas :lol:

  • CARL

    I want something that I can burn a dvd to my computer, cut the scenes out of my favorite porn movies, and burn them to a dvd. Is this what the product does? Not a computer wiz, so I really need your help and advice.



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