April 2011

Today I have found a nice little utility called Application Monitor that constantly runs in the background and monitors critical system applications/processes that you have configured in the setup. If any of these monitored applications has aborted for one reason or the other it will automatically restart that application. Polling interval for the monitoring can be configured for each of the application added to be monitored. Most interesting thing is that it can also send alert email at the specified email address to the user about the application termination (possible because of some malfunctioning at the software or the hardware Read More >

MyBlogLog (popular social network for bloggers)interface has changed for the better. Now an activity stream is presented in the right pane from you or your neighborhood for example Twitter activity, Facebook updates, Flickr updates, new blog postings etc. User specific information such as user profile information, authored blogs, tags and contacts are shown in the left sidebar. I actually discovered it when today morning I logged in to the MyBlogLog and the interface seemed a bit strange. I refreshed the page but it remained the same. After that when I visited the Techcrunch this was story on their front page. Read More >

As some of you may have noticed from my previous Firefox posts that I really love Scrapbook extension for Firefox, to the extent that my first ever post on this blog is a comprehensive run-down of it’s impressive array of features. If you have not read that so far then do it now as you may also fall in love with this fantastic extension for Firefox like me. Anyway, I am using it to collect/manage all my data that I collected from the web since July 2006. I thought it might be interesting to bring you some scrapbook profile stats Read More >

I have already written on how to modify PDF documents (add comments, notes, highlight text and stamp etc.) but what if you want to simply explode a PDF document (split each page of the PDF file in to separate PDF file), collate/combine, split or rotate documents? A good scenario could be for example when removing advertisement pages from a PDF magazine for example or you may want to combine a number of related PDF documents in to one. And what if you want to password protect the document? There are numerous other scenarios where a utility might be helpful that Read More >

Have you ever been in a situation where your harddisk is completely filled out and you are running out of space but can’t figure out that where this space is being used? If yes then you know that how difficult and cumbersome it can be to locate and hunt down all the culprit files that are taking the most space so that needless or less important files can be removed. It may happen particularly to people in the habit of making collections of things like movies, music videos, software etc. It is understandable that the trend of rapid increase in Read More >

NirSoft is now a well known software company that is bringing great windows utilities to address many common and uncommon tasks. I particularly liked a very interesting utility released by them called IEDesignMode that allows to modify, add or delete the contents of any webpage you are currently viewing in Internet Explorer, no matter if it is online or offline! It is a very simple utility, simply download and install. After installation start the Internet Explorer there will be new context menu option visible Design Mode when you right-click in the content pane. Selecting this option will turn the current Read More >

We are so used to copy fodders from one place to another on the harddrive, but there are times when we want to copy a folder with only the folder structure without the files from one place to another on the same harddrive or to a different harddrive. These scenarios occur rarely for example when you want to transfer only some of the files from a folder to different place(folder) but still want to maintain the folder structure of that folder without actually copying all the files. If this kind of scenario occur we can use a simple freeware utility Read More >

Not everyone likes the window’s built-in lean and mean image file viewing/previewing feature like me. It may serve the purpose if you are viewing only a few graphics files and not need much control over the viewing aspects or the details of the graphics files. But what if you want to view a large number of files, manage them, perform some image enhancement operations or simply want to view some exotic formats such as eps, pic, pix,psd etc. ? To have all the above mentioned features and many others you will need a third-party graphics viewer/converter. Probably the most famous Read More >

Tab Scope is a nice little extension that enables real-time tab previews in Firefox. This extension is brought to us by the same developer Gomita that brought us the excellent Scrapbook extension. There are similar extensions available like Tab Preview. However there are a number of nice features that separates it from other extensions of this kind, for example: Real-time tab previews of different tabs from a tab All the links in the webpage are click-able as normal! User can use the provided Forward, Backward, Refresh and Stop buttons for the complete navigation in a preview Previewed pages can be Read More >

I am sure many experienced Firefox users already know about the fantastic extension Greasemonkey and the level of customization it provides to the Firefox users. Incase someone is not aware, Greasmonkey is a powerful extension  for Firefox that allows users to add custom Greasemonkey scripts that will enhance the looks and functionality of the websites, hence ultimately enhancing the user experience. There are literally hundreds of Greasemonky scripts that are available on the web. A prime resource for these scripts is userscripts.org. There are some great Greasemonkey scripts available there that deserves a separate article to mention. I am planing Read More >

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