5 Unique Themes for your Shiny New WordPress Blog

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For the last couple of days I have searched and explored at least hundred different WordPress themes for a friend who required a theme for his Tech blog. Unfortunately most of the themes I came across had caused troubles in one way or the other. Some had trouble with the commonly used plugins, while others had a coding style that was very difficult to modify or customize to particular needs and still others were simply looking very cheap. In the end I found only a handful of themes that I really liked. I have decided to post my findings here at Inspired Geek as well, so that if you have started a new Blog(using WordPress) or intends to do so, you may find them helpful. Actually I liked all the mentioned themes and found it difficult to rank these, so ranking is purely subjective and you just need to pay attention to the fact that which of these can more adequately cover up your requirements.

5. Studio Press

This is a new theme released by Daily Blog Tips and has three AdSense units already integrated in to the theme. So you will only need to paste the AdSense code in to the respective php files. It is based on the three column layout and is widget ready. Welcome section on the sidebar can be customized from the theme options. This theme also supports alternate color styling for the comments to make it easy to follow the conversation. Visually theme has a clean look to it and is easy on the eyes.

studiopress thumb | 5 Unique Themes for your Shiny New WordPress Blog

4. WP Premium

Another great theme comes bundled with three color schemes(black,brown,red) and this is a distinguishing factor from all others themes mentioned here. You can easily change to the required color style from “style.css” file by changing the style name. This is also a three column theme with the support of widgets(you will see the trend here,I really like the themes with the three columns with double right sidebars). Three 100×100 pixel ad blocks are already present in the sidebar. It is W3C valid and SEO optimized. Supports multiple search options with the tabber functionality in the sidebar. With all of these options this is really a premium theme as its name implies but without any cost!

wp premium thumb | 5 Unique Themes for your Shiny New WordPress Blog

3. WP-Polaroid

This is a three column widgetized WordPress theme. It has a very catchy and professional look. In fact this is the same theme that the author is using on his own website. Polaroid in the header can be easily replaced with your own image and hence the theme’s name. Three Ad spots for the 125×125 sized Ads are pre built in the theme sidebar.My only complain with the theme is that contents area is a bit too small other than that it is a great looking theme. This theme requires the following two plugins.

- FlickRSS

- Recent Posts

wp polaroid thumb | 5 Unique Themes for your Shiny New WordPress Blog

2. My April Reloaded

This is a three column widget ready WordPress theme as well. Both the sidebars are on the right side.Square shaped Ad blocks can be added easily. Supports about text on the front page that can be changed via the admin profile and works on the WordPress 2.1 to 2.3. This theme also requires the popularity contest and Get Recent Comments plugins. So you should download those plugins as well if you are going to use this theme. A logo Kit is available if you want to make your own logo on the author’s website. Support for Square shaped block Ads is already there.

my april reloaded thumb | 5 Unique Themes for your Shiny New WordPress Blog

1. More Than Multiple Widgets

This theme apparently may look like any other WordPress theme with 2 columns layout but in fact it is unique in many ways. First of all you can customize the sidebar, header and footer using the widgets, so you no longer need to mess around with the theme files to add something in the header or the footer. There is one widget in the sidebar, two in the header and three in the footer available for the customization. That’s a lot of customization if you ask me particularly considering that in most WordPress themes you can only customize the sidebars using widgets. You can also change the fonts,colors and the background from the presentation tab in the WordPress backend GUI. AdSense can also be turned on/off from that tab. If that is not enough for you then this theme is already setup for the following WordPress plugins:

more than multiple widgets theme thumb | 5 Unique Themes for your Shiny New WordPress Blog

If you are starting out a new blog and looking for a highly customizable theme then I highly recommend that you take a look at one of these. It may save you a lot of time and frustration associated with finding a perfect new theme for your blog.

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