Who is your IP Neighbor on your Shared Web Hosting Service Provider?

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myipneighbors1 | Who is your IP Neighbor on your Shared Web Hosting Service Provider?

Ever wondered who is sharing the same IP as you are for your blog/website on your web host provider’s server? Want to know that if your hosting server is crowded with hundreds of other websites? If your website is hosted side by side with another website with questionable material? Well yesterday I discovered an interesting web service via the DonationCoder that lets you know the answers to the very same questions. Their website is myipneighbors and you just have to enter your website’s domain name or IP address to find all the other websites that are sharing the same IP address as your website/blog. So it may not make much sense for the websites that are already hosted on dedicated servers. I have checked my blog and there were over 500 listings that were sharing the same IP! I am not exactly sure that how accurate their information is but it sure is interesting to look at. BTW this webservice is hosted on the DreamHost. Can see any connection here?

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    I’ve got good but cheap hosting and I don’t think I want to know who’s on the same IP. Thanks for making me thinking about it. :sad:

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