Substantially Decrease the Page Loading Times for your Website using the Php Speedy

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php speedy | Substantially Decrease the Page Loading Times for your Website using the Php Speedy PHP Speedy is a script that claims to decrease the page loading times for you website and hence give your readers a better experience. It achieves this by automatically joining appropriate files together and compressing before downloading to the web browser hence reducing the time required to download the files and display the web page. The author of the script has also setup a preview page with the PHP Speedy optimizations and an other page without these optimization for you to experience the difference it makes. Some result published from the author of the script:

- Before PHP Speedy – 14 requests that took 4.44 seconds

- After PHP Speedy – 4 requests that took 1.1 seconds

In order to install PHP Speedy you should:

1. Download and unzip the PHP Speedy package into its own directory

2. Point your browser to the PHP Speedy directory

3. Follow the installation instructions

Author is also planing to release a WordPress plugin for the PHP Speedy. I am still not sure that if WP-Cache and CSS Compress plugins will work correctly with this one,as many of us WordPress bloggers are using them currently to improve the page loading times.I think I will personally wait for the WordPress plugin before I apply it to my website. But nevertheless people are already experiencing significant speed gains by using it for example Evertron at Connected Internet has experienced significant gains by using it on his own website.

Source: Connected Internet

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