How to Make to the Digg’s Front Page Guaranteed!

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digg logo | How to Make to the Diggs Front Page Guaranteed! Yes folks you can make a story of your choice from your blog to appear on the Digg front page – a blooger’s dream come true! The trick to do that not involves much hassle but does involve some money. All you have to do is to go to the website of the Subvert and Profit which is a black market for buying votes on the social media and buy some Digg votes with a rate of $2.00 per vote. So if you spend $100.00 then you will be able to buy 50 votes and their is a strong chance that you will be able to make to the front page of the Digg because it usually takes from 40 to 60 votes to reach the front page.

Actually it works this way, that you will register on their site transfer some funds to the account to buy the votes and than wait for the magic to happen. On the other hand users can also register on the site with a valid Digg account and they will be paid 1$ for each Digg. This is the way their system works. They have a similar system setup for StumbleUpon in case you want your story to be Stumbled. You can also direct them to rapidly boost YouTube views of a posted video through the Diggs and Stumbles.

Of course this method of taking your story to the front page on the Digg is not going to be encouraged by the Digg and users that are casting votes under this scheme may get banned by Digg in case they found any smell of it. But it seems that Subvert and Profit do employ some tricks to protect their army of Diggers from being banned. Looks like a quick and great way to get popularity overnight but don’t forget to beef your hosting server and website to withstand the avalanche of traffic that will be coming your way!

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  • Nirmal

    Spending $100 for just getting some traffic for one or 2 days is worth trying, but good for people desperate to get some traffic. :smile:

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