What About Performance Improvements in Windows Vista SP1?

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windows vista | What About Performance Improvements in Windows Vista SP1? As you already know by now that Windows Vista SP1 will be released to beta testers by the end of this month. And the long awaited update to the SP1 is already here and in fact leaked to major P2P networks as well! CNet have investigated the performance improvements and other enhancements that Microsoft is raving about in SP1. This is an interesting read to say the least. Here is a summery of their findings.

  • It looks like if someone is expecting a huge performance improvements form the SP1 as compared to the initial Vista release then he will be disappointed as for the most part performance is same or even worst in some cases.
  • Biggest performance improvement has to do with file copying operation as now it is now based on cached I/O as in the Windows XP.
  • Despite improved file I/O in SP1 still file copying performance can be worst as compared to the original Vista in some scenarios for example when copying files from the computer to a USB drive.
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 experiences performance gains from new SP1
  • Many of the performance gains come from the improved third party drivers and not from the SP1 itself.
  • If your system is already updated with the latest patches from the Windows update service than you will probably not see much in terms of performance gains.
  • Most impressive point about SP1 is improved overall stability of the system courtesy of the improved third party drivers and numerous other bug fixes in the operating system itself.

    Well despite these improvements I am sure many users like me will not probably shift for now because they simply don’t have enough incentive to do so as you can see even after the Vista SP1 is released. However I  know that this Windows XP Vs Vista is a very hot topic on the Internet these days and I don’t want to dig in to it for now.

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