Convert your Video Files to Executable Video Files that NOT Require a Media Player to Play!

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executable | Convert your Video Files to Executable Video Files that NOT Require a Media Player to Play! Yes it is possible friends so don’t be in the state of uncertainty, as I was when I first saw it. But wait how these executable video files could be useful you may ask? There are indeed some scenarios where these may come handy for example imagine you have prepared a family video that you want to show to a family member who is at some other place. You may send the video using the email, but you are not sure that if he has the proper media player or codecs installed to watch the video. Another use could be to create a executable video, set it to auto-run before burning it to a CD. Whenever someone inserts that CD, the video will play automatically without any humanly effort(you figure out where it may be useful…).

This has been made possible by a free software called MakeInstantPlayer that will do it quickly for any video file you provide. Actually this software uses famous MPlayer to make it possible. It simply wraps the video you provide with the MPlayer application in an EXE container and when you click the executable built by this application for your video file, it will run the video file using the integrated MPlayer(using MPUI front-end). It really is a smart use of Mplayer by the author of this application!

 makeinstantplayer | Convert your Video Files to Executable Video Files that NOT Require a Media Player to Play!


You will just have to provide the source video file and the output executable file path and the rest is on the shoulders of this application. However avoid the use of WMV and Real Video formats because then you may also need to check mark the option to include codecs to make it properly play when you execute the resulting executable. You can set the splash screen as well that will appear when you execute the file and the file is still loading(a default splash screen is provided). You can also set if the application should run full-screen video when executed as well as auto quite, stay on top,loop and include codec options.

The compilation of the video executable by this application is very fast and takes a couple of minute at most. A good thing is that there is no loss in video quality after conversion to executable as someone might guess. This is because the video file is simply wrapped in the executable container without any kind of processing on the video file.

You can download the MakeInstantPlayer from the official website here.

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