How to Stamp or Type your Own Text & Sticky Notes in PDF Documents ?

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pdf logo | How to Stamp or Type your Own Text & Sticky Notes in PDF Documents ? Adobe PDF(Portable Document Format) is THE most commonly used format these days for distributing documents, books, magazines, research papers and many other things digitally, and this is a natural question asked to me by some people that how they can type some text in PDF files(may be for a variety of reasons). For example some of them wanted to fill a PDF formatted form others wanted to add notes to some documents. Here I want to note a point that there are PDF forms that you will find on the Internet and other places that are already created in a way so that you can fill-in the desired fields using any PDF reader but this is not the case for all the forms, and also some time you want to add notes rather than fill a form or document. So what is the best solution?

Actually there are a couple of solutions but not all of them are free. The best and most flexible option would be to purchase the Adobe Acrobat 8.0 software from Adobe that will provide you the ultimate flexibility in achieving this and many PDF authoring related tasks. However it is the most expensive option as well. A relatively cheaper option could be to purchase the Foxit PDF Editor from Foxit software(Yes the company that brought us the excellent freeware PDF reader). You can also use the typewriting feature in the Foxit Reader but that adds an annoying watermark to the PDF file when you save it, which makes it worthless for many of us. Third and the most viable option for us price conscious users is to use the excellent PDF-XChange Viewer provided by the Tracker Software.

In case someone don’t know, PDF-XChange Viewer is an extremely capable tabbed(yes it does support tabs to open multiple documents) PDF viewer that in fact can do a lot more than what it’s name implies. In my opinion this is the most capable PDF viewer available for MS Windows for a couple of reasons that are not in the scope of this article. However, some of the amazing things it can do for you other than PDF document viewing are mentioned below.

- Use it as a Text Typewriter Tool

- Add Sticky Notes to the PDF files

- Add colorful stamps

- Fill Forms and export form data for later use

- Export PDF file to an image


export as image | How to Stamp or Type your Own Text & Sticky Notes in PDF Documents ? 

main interface1 | How to Stamp or Type your Own Text & Sticky Notes in PDF Documents ? 

save copy as | How to Stamp or Type your Own Text & Sticky Notes in PDF Documents ? 

Now coming to the point to type text simply follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Open the desired PDF document in which you want to type text.

Step 2. Hit the “Typewriter” tool on the toolbar. Now add the text anywhere you want. You can change the font type,style,size and color from the toolbar that appears after you hit the Typewriter button. And also the typed text can be edited later if desired. You can also add the sticky notes, stamps, call outs and different geometry shapes from the same toolbar where the typewriter button is present.

Step 3. Now simply save the document as the original or as a copy from the file menu and you are done.

You can download the PDF-XChange Viewer from the official website.

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