Tired of Tab Bloat in Firefox ? Why not have a Taboo Then?

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If you are tired of having to scroll around back and forth in the tab-bar of Firefox, after you have opened a lot of tabs? Then Taboo may be able to help here as this is a Firefox extension made specifically to tackle the issue of tab bloat in the Firefox.

taboo | Tired of Tab Bloat in Firefox ? Why not have a Taboo Then?

Taboo will allow you to taboo a number of tabs(of your choice) that means that once they are tabooed you can come back to them later for reading using the taboo button (T in the Firefox toolbar) when you want. You can also search the webpages that you tabooed by the URL and page title or you can find them visually in the taboo interface and click on the desired page to get back to that page. Also the tabooed pages can be removed after you have read them using the little cross that appears on the saved tabs. It is that simple!

Apart from using it to reduce tab clutter you can also use it as kind of a temporary bookmark place where you can add bookmark pages that you just want to keep temporarily for limited time-span and delete them after sometime. I can see that it may helpful to number of people that are used to maintaining temporary bookmarks.

You can download the extension from Mozilla’s official website for Firefox extensions.

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