Copy a Folder Structure without Actually Copying the Contained Files in a Folder

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We are so used to copy fodders from one place to another on the harddrive, but there are times when we want to copy a folder with only the folder structure without the files from one place to another on the same harddrive or to a different harddrive. These scenarios occur rarely for example when you want to transfer only some of the files from a folder to different place(folder) but still want to maintain the folder structure of that folder without actually copying all the files. If this kind of scenario occur we can use a simple freeware utility called TreeCopy.

tee copy | Copy a Folder Structure without Actually Copying the Contained Files in a Folder

TreeCopy is built exactly for this purpose to copy the folder structure without the files in the folder(we may copy them selectively later-on manually). Simply set the source folder in the left pane and the destination folder where you want to copy the folder structure in the right pane and hit the Go button to execute the operation. 

You can download this utility from the RJL Software here and the mean time give me some time to think about possible scenarios where this utility may come handy!

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  • Nirmal

    I had written a registry tweak to delete all contents from folders without deleting folder structure. :smile:

  • Jawwad

    That’s good because it will allow user some choice :wink:

  • Syahid A.

    Copying a folder structure? System admins would absolutely love that! Nice find.

  • useful

    I got a new external HD.
    I like how the old HD’s folder is organized.
    I don’t want the old files on the new HD.
    Without this I would …
    Copy all the data over to the new HD,
    Then do a find *
    Select all the files that aren’t folders,
    Then Shift+Delete
    (or what ever shortcut bypasses the recycle bin, etc)
    This would allow me to bypass the copying files, find the files, and delete all the files stages, and thus save me alot of time.

  • ninbroken52

    I have a 600 folder structure for projects (not including individual work packages) that this would have been ideal for when I decided to turn it into a template.

  • David Morris

    Congratulations, your page came up top on Google. Copying the folder tree is like copying a set-up filing cabinet with all the paper folders in place. For example, I study historic buildings and have hundreds of photograph folders in an organised tree. I can now copy this tree to create a parallel one for historic documents and my own text. I can also copy the tree to other people to allow their work to be structured similar to mine.
    David Morris

  • Joe

    No need to install new software.
    Open a command prompt windows in the directory just above the one you want to copy.

    xcopy .\sourcedirectory c:\destinationdirectory /T /E

    That’s all.

  • http://cc Martin

    Hi i have one trouble, that is i create a plain folder in my c drive and i want to copy it and paste in my word processing. Can someone tell me how to do it in step by step procedures.Tnx kind regards.

  • M. Hutsell

    Does the link (at the top of this page, the one in the word “here”) to the web site offering the utility for download — connect to a site appearing to be designed to distribute malware/viruses, etc. to any visitor?

  • Sarav

    i’ve used the xcopy command to copy the files. here my requirement like below mentioned,


    if ‘m gng to copy i need to copy entire folder structure of that file kindly help me out.

    In my case n no.of subfolders and files are using for the build.

    Is there any third party s/w or DOS command.


  • Keith Slater

    xcopy is included with windows
    use :
    xcopy /T /E

    manual :

  • Redeemer

    Two years and your first paragraph still says “fodders” instead of folders. Congatulations.

  • Stoli

    Redeemer you’re a muppet.

    Otherwise, I use this for GIS data processing. Having folder structure standardisation from job to job means data files don’t go missing or get written over.

    Also, when doing a clean install, it’s a quick way of recording all the programs I need to re-install so I don’t forget any.

  • JaMeS

    Awesome software. thank you

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