Modify the Contents of ANY Website you are Surfing in Internet Explorer!

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NirSoft is now a well known software company that is bringing great windows utilities to address many common and uncommon tasks. I particularly liked a very interesting utility released by them called IEDesignMode that allows to modify, add or delete the contents of any webpage you are currently viewing in Internet Explorer, no matter if it is online or offline!

It is a very simple utility, simply download and install. After installation start the Internet Explorer there will be new context menu option visible Design Mode when you right-click in the content pane. Selecting this option will turn the current webpage viewing mode in Internet Explorer to edit mode. So now you can add or remove text, change the location of the images etc. After you are finished simply select the option Browse View from the context menu and you will return to the normal viewing mode. You can also save the current webpage from the File menu, but please note that you must select the HTML Only option when saving the current page otherwise your changes will not be saved.

iedesignmode thumb | Modify the Contents of ANY Website you are Surfing in Internet Explorer!

If you want to do the same – modify any webpage in the Firefox(or any other web browser including Internet Explorer) then you will have to enter a code in the address bar and currently loaded webpage will turn in to edit mode. The code is as follows:

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

Please note that code must be in one-line when entering in the address-bar otherwise it may not work. I found this last cool trick on gHacks.

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