November 2011

Screen capturing may be small but a very useful feature that we use on almost daily basis for a variety of purposes, for example to capture snapshots of an installed software for documentation, blog postings or for illustration purposes. Windows users can use the Print Screen feature to capture a snapshot of the current activity on the computer screen. But this minimalistic option do not offer much flexibility, for example what if you want to capture a screen region, a window or a scrolling window? Print Screen will not offer you such options and you will have to resort to Read More >

You may feel that Inspired Geek is going through Firefox extension mania as I have another list of useful Firefox extensions ready for your reading pleasure. But instead of tiny extensions as in the previous list today I will bring you the list of mouse gesturing extensions for Firefox that you can use to perform a variety of tasks in Firefox without ever touching the keyboard or clicking on any button or menu option but only through mouse gestures. There is a great variety of mouse gesturing extensions available for Firefox that you can choose from to suite your needs. Read More >

Windows Live Writer 2008 has gained a lot of popularity in a short time as the blogging client of choice for many bloggers and even I am using it now to post all the articles here. I know there are still some limitations when compared to the integrated editor such as the one provided by WordPress but the convenience WLR provides for daily use is unbeatable and is the deciding factor for me to pick it for my daily blogging needs. One of the things in WLR that always bugged me was the fact that whenever I press Enter when Read More >

One of the key strengths of the Firefox is the level of extensibility that it provides through the use of extensions. Because of the open-source nature of Firefox and some other related reasons there is a huge community of developers that are actively building new extensions and updating the older ones to be compatible with the new versions of this browser. Already official Firefox extension repository is approaching 2,000 Firefox extensions(currently hovering at 1989) and there are many other extensions floating around that are not listed here or in the Mozilla Sandbox. You can get a Firefox extension for any Read More >

We bloggers and webmasters all know and use Google Analytics for the vital statistics tracking of our websites. And no wonder that so many websites use it as the primary tool for traffic logging and analytics because it is THE most powerful free web analytics tool available. But now it is going to have some competition from the open source world because Piwik has released a web analytics tool that supports many of the features of Google Analytics and because it is open-source these features can be customized to fit the specific needs of the niche of a particular website Read More >

Over the time I have used many system tweaking or system enhancing utilities(as they call them) to fine-tune the different aspects of my windows system starting from the Microsoft’s own TweakUI to the FreshUI and then XDN Tweaker and a lot others but in the last few months I came across a system tweaking utility that has forced me to stop my continuous shuffling from one to another by providing the most complete set of tweaking options that I have seen so far. In fact you will be hard-pressed to find a utility that provides all these tweaking options under Read More >

FLV or flash video is THE most commonly used format for streaming videos on many video sharing websites such as YouTube, MetaCafe, Google Video and many others. I have already discussed that how you can conveniently download multiple files from these online video sharing websites using Orbit downloader. But sometimes you don’t want the video part part of the FLV file and only the audio part(preferably in mp3 format). You may want this for a number of reasons but most probably to transfer favorite audio songs to your portable audio player such as IPod, Zune etc. There are a number Read More >

OK folks! today I am going a bit off-topic courtesy of a great picture that I found somewhere on the Internet. I am not exactly sure where I found it as it was sometime ago, but I could not resist to share it for those that have not already seen it. Actually this tries to enclose the whole concept of life in a picture. However, this is just one perspective on it but indeed an interesting one. I particularly like the way the author has illustrated the whole concept with just a simple picture without saying a word. They say Read More >

Volumouse is a useful utility by Nirsoft that allows to change the volume in Windows by simply scrolling the mouse-wheel rather than to click on the system-tray icon of the volume and changing it from there. However it is a bit of over simplification as the software provides a lot of flexibility by allowing to define rules that govern under which conditions scroll-wheel will be used. If the conditions of a rule that you have defined are not met then scroll-wheel will be used as normal in Windows and not interfere with other applications in Windows. If configured properly it Read More >

It is about two months back when I was providing final touches to the look of my blog, I found a desperate need of some way to test the design and layout in multiple browsers just to ensure that users using different browsers could view the site as it was intended to be without layout, rendering issues etc.  It was easy to test in Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer 7.0 but I was also interested to test my website in older versions of Internet Explorer 5.5, 6.0 etc. because still a sizable number of users are using these versions of Read More >

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