Bring the Find as you Type(FAYT) Feature of Firefox in Internet Explorer

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search | Bring the Find as you Type(FAYT) Feature of Firefox in Internet Explorer Many of us using the Firefox for their routine Internet surfing  love the find as you type feature of Firefox that opens a Find pane at the bottom of the Firefox interface and allows to perform interactive (type ahead) search. Now contrast this innovative search feature with the crude Find popup that Internet Explorer throws at your face when you press the Ctr+F shortcut or select Find from the Edit menu. This is not really the most convenient way to perform a search in a webpage and surprisingly they have not improved it in Internet Explorer 7.0 either. I am sure many people are still using Internet Explorer for one reason or the other without any intension to shift to Firefox. So today I am going tell you about an Internet Explorer add-on that brings this exciting inline-search feature to Internet Explorer.

This add-on is called Inline Search and brings non-modal Find As You Type feature in Internet Explorer. Use is pretty simple after installation start Internet Explorer and press Ctrl+F and a search pane should appear at the bottom with a similar interface as in Firefox. Note that usual Find dialog box of Internet Explorer can still be used by selecting it from the Edit menu. I have tried it with IE 7.0 and it worked perfectly. Should work with older versions of Internet Explorer as well.

findbar inline search | Bring the Find as you Type(FAYT) Feature of Firefox in Internet Explorer

These are some useful shortcuts:

  • CTRL-F or F3 -to open/refresh the search pane
  • ESC – to close the search pane when in focus
  • F3 or ENTER – find the next occurrence
  • SHIFT-F3 – find the previous occurrence (Shift-Enter works too)
    So now no need to live with the cumbersome Ctrl+F Find popup of IE when you have this.
    Making use of this opportunity I would also like to mention that a similar feature is present in IE7Pro add-on which of course can do a lot more including but not limited to Form Filling, Add filtering, mouse gestures and userscripts(complete details deserve a separate article). You can take a look at the Find bar provided by IE7Pro below:
    findbar ie7pro | Bring the Find as you Type(FAYT) Feature of Firefox in Internet Explorer
    You can download Inline Search from IEForge here.

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