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mousetrap | Please! DONTCLICK.IT Today I stumbled across a fantastic website DONTCLCICK.IT that is an experimentation/research website from the Institute for Interactive Research and it throws a real challenge for you to face that is to navigate the whole website without a click! This experimentation is an attempt to introduce a novel concept of navigating interfaces without clicks as efficiently as possible and gauging the effectiveness as compared the traditional click based interfaces. This don’t click experimentation has a lot to offer and the main interface is divided in to four sections.

1. Understand

You will have a chance to read the story that how this don’t click experimentation project started,  some stats and how to stop yourself from mouse clicking the hard way (look at the above picture and you will get the idea!).

2. Learn

You will learn the Click History, Click Ergonomic and Commercial Clicks (the one’s that make you rich folks, understood).

3. Explore

This is the real meat as don’t click philosophy will be put to test in actual user interface. I particularly liked that how you can replace the button clicks with mouse gestures. There are three ways to simulate button clicks here.

  1. By wiping your mouse form left to right or vice versa on the button.
  2. By moving the mouse in a circular motion on the mouse, this one also avoids the accidental mouse clicks.
  3. And by hovering your mouse over a button for a while.

dontclicktit thumb | Please! DONTCLICK.IT

button gestures thumb | Please! DONTCLICK.IT

4. Communicate

Here you will be able to express your idea about the project for example if you liked it or not. Credits to the people that were involved or helped in the project. You can also contact the developers of the DONTCLICK.IT project from here.

I don’t think we will see these kind of innovative and novel interfaces in main stream anytime soon but nevertheless it is good to try these concepts and who knows that someday we will see a mouse without any button at all!

So test drive this site now and find out that if you can get rid of good old clicking habit!

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  • Madhur Kapoor

    The website has been made completely in flash. Amazing stuff.

  • OnlineeEarns

    Really nice posting . cool nad thnx for these info…

  • Atof

    Slick site! Cud’nt resist making atleast 1 click ! lol !

  • Jawwad

    It is hard to resist clicking for us “doubleclickers”. Old habits don’t die quickly.

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