Rearrange & Get Preview of Taskbar Buttons in Windows using TaskbarEx

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taskbar preview | Rearrange & Get Preview of Taskbar Buttons in Windows using TaskbarEx Sometimes when working in Windows it happens that we open multiple explorer or application windows to complete a task at hand. With a lot of windows open it is always convenient if we have the option to group windows that are related to a single task or single program on the task bar. It could be easily achieved by drag & drop rearrange of taskbar buttons but unfortunately Windows do not provides the drag & drop rearranging of taskbar buttons for this kind of grouping.

TaskbarEx comes to rescue here as it is a freeware nice little utility that allows to rearrange taskbar buttons by a simple drag & drop operation of buttons. It should be helpful in arranging taskbar buttons in more logical manner. As a bonus it also provides some nice additional features such as window previews by hovering over a taskbar button without actually switching to that window similar to the one provided in Windows Vista but Windows XP has not this feature built-in. A user can also detach a taskbar button by simply dragging and dropping it to the desktop(they can also be reattached again). Also if you scroll up on a taskbar button using mouse wheel a minimized window is restored and on scrolling down a restored window is minimized again. Various options such as related to the detached buttons and tab preview window can be customized in preferences.

taskbar rearrange | Rearrange & Get Preview of Taskbar Buttons in Windows using TaskbarEx

Of course the key feature is rearranging of taskbar buttons but previewing of windows by hovering over the taskbar buttons and minimization and restoration of windows by a mouse wheel are also nice touches.

Official homepage as mentioned in the software seems to be down but you can still download it from here.

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  • Nirmal

    This is available by default in Vista. :grin: Good for XP users.

  • Jawwad

    Yeah! Agree with you completely on this one :smile:

  • Rakshit

    Nice utility and since it is a freeware, I’ll definitely give it a try.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • venkat

    Visual Task Tips is another freeware that can do the same thing,nice find.

  • rizal

    it’s very fantastic utillity for me, thank a lot. :lol:

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