Extract Audio from FLV files without Quality Degradation

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flv extract | Extract Audio from FLV files without Quality Degradation FLV or flash video is THE most commonly used format for streaming videos on many video sharing websites such as YouTube, MetaCafe, Google Video and many others. I have already discussed that how you can conveniently download multiple files from these online video sharing websites using Orbit downloader. But sometimes you don’t want the video part part of the FLV file and only the audio part(preferably in mp3 format). You may want this for a number of reasons but most probably to transfer favorite audio songs to your portable audio player such as IPod, Zune etc.

There are a number of software available both freeware and shareware that allows to extract the audio part of an FLV file but almost all of these re-encode the audio after extraction to the desired output format such as MP3. As a result the extracted MP3 file you will get may not have preserved the 100% quality of the original audio stream that was originally there in the FLV file. Also because re-encoding is involved in this process the conversion may take some time for FLV files with a longer play duration.

FLV Extract is a tiny utility that is a perfect solution for this situation. It allows to extract the embedded audio(mp3) part from the FLV file in the original as it is form. As a result you will not experience any loss in quality because of the re-encoding because no re-encoding is involved at all. As a bonus, extraction process will be lightning fast. All you have to do is to drag&drop the desired FLV file on the interface and the Audio, Video, and Timecodes will be extracted in the same folder.

It is a must have if you frequently need audio from your downloaded FLV files for some reason. You can get FLV Extract from here.

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  • http://www.whoismadhur.com Madhur Kapoor

    Nice utility, i regularly visit youtube for viewing album videos. It will be better to extarct them as mp3.

  • http://www.nirmaltv.com Nirmal

    I had used the SUPER software (a freeware) which can convert from any format to any format. Its a great freeware. Only thing was that after conversion, the size of file increased.

  • http://www.inspiredgeek.com/ Jawwad

    Yeah! SUPER is indeed a great freeware. But for this particular task it can’t be beaten particularity considering the extraction speed on video files with lengthy duration.

  • Martin

    Great tool!! Does exactly what it says – lossless extraction to MP3.

  • Ram

    Hi guys….

    I have a bit of a problem with the FLV Extract tool.

    I am getting an error whenever I click on the FLVExtract.exe file

    “The application failed to initialize properly.”

    Can anyone help me out. or suggest another tool for audio extraction from an flv file?

  • Erik

    Every time I try to rip audio from any video I only get the first 16 seconds of it.

  • Batman

    The quality of the audio deteriorates when extracted.

  • MeDotOrg

    Works great, just what I needed. Thanks!

  • muchicon

    works perfect maravilloso thank you

  • MONA

    Amazing…!!!thanks a zillion…

  • Mieh

    Like some of the other users here I am getting definite audio degradation whenever I use FLV extractor. My file downgrades from HQ to not-so-HQ whenever I convert.

  • Valdis

    You can download YouTube videos as MP3, AVI, Windows Media Video (WMA) and many others for free.
    Just use Bender Converter – http://benderconverter.com It very helpful!

  • Az

    thanks so much!

  • http://Website Scandata

    It only creates an .aac file, not MP3. Am I missing something?

  • Ace Video Converter

    Try Video2MP3, it doesn’t just support FLV, it supports everything like MP4, 3GP, WEBM, MOV, AVI…

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