A Quick Tip for Windows Live Writer 2008 Users

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wlr | A Quick Tip for Windows Live Writer 2008 Users Windows Live Writer 2008 has gained a lot of popularity in a short time as the blogging client of choice for many bloggers and even I am using it now to post all the articles here. I know there are still some limitations when compared to the integrated editor such as the one provided by WordPress but the convenience WLR provides for daily use is unbeatable and is the deciding factor for me to pick it for my daily blogging needs.

One of the things in WLR that always bugged me was the fact that whenever I press Enter when compiling a post it starts a new paragraph by inserting a blank line in between. But there are cases when you just want to start witting on a new-line rather than to start a new paragraph. I have found a tip to force the later behavior by pressing Shift + Enter instead of just Enter. Some of you may already know about it but incase someone don’t know it can prove to be really useful because it can provide a lot of convenience when formatting a post. I am not sure why I was not aware of such a simple thing earlier.

See the difference below as I have pressed Enter after Point1 and Shift + Enter after Point 2.


Point number 1 to note.

Point number 2 to note.
Point number 3 to note.


Also I have tried it in WordPress built-in editor and it works there as well, so it should work in most other WYSIWYG editors as well such as Microsoft Word.

Source: Windows Live Writer Plugins

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  • http://www.nirmaltv.com Nirmal

    That was a simple and useful trick, I too have faced the issue which you mentioned, but I go to HTML and correct it or use backspace.

  • http://www.inspiredgeek.com/ Jawwad

    I will tryout backspace as well.

  • http://www.whoismadhur.com Madhur Kapoor

    Nice tip, never knew about it.

  • http://www.techlivez.com Shashank

    I also used to do the same as Nirmal told above.
    this tip will definitely help.

  • http://doorsforhomes.net/ Labelle

    Good editor review on formatting the text..So we need to press shift and enter not enter always..But we need to practice it as we use them rarely..

  • http://homebuildersearch.net/ Dinissse

    It will take space while entering the text if we won’t do shift and enter option. I like it. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

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