Why Everything is THE Best Windows Search Utility?

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Today I am going to review “Everything” which is a lightning fast windows search utility. I use it numerous times almost on a daily basis and has already saved me countless hours on searching important files quickly on my crowded hard drives. There are of course many search utilities that are available for searching of files in windows and most of them are available for free of charge. However a killer feature that sets everything apart from the other such utilities is almost real-time indexing of files present on the available local hard drives of your computer. It achieves this feat by hooking in to the NTFS file systems metadata and  as such it only works on the NTFS formatted drives. It provides a dropdown menu at the top where a search term is entered and everything return all the matches that are found for the entered search in the files. It can search for the matches in filenames and directories. However, searching inside the contents of the files is NOT supported, which is not a big problem for most of the users out there including me. Presented results can also be sorted on filename, size and modified date etc. However note that sorting can prove to be slower if output contains too many results.

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I find this software very convenient when I remember a part of a filename but not the whole name for which I am looking and don’t remember that where I put that file. For the all the searching needs this is my current favorite. Before this I used to have a software Locate32 which provides more or less the same features but probably a bit more customizable. However in Loccate32 it was required to do indexing beforehand of all the drives that you will be searching files in, and this indexing could take some time depending upon the number of files on that specific drive and also the speed of the drive etc. More importantly you have to update the index each time contents of the drive in question changes. Due to this reason it is nowhere as convenient as Everything where the index updates in real-time as the content of the drive change! However one advantage that Locate32 does provide over Everything is that once the indexing is complete searching is almost as fast as Everything and as a bonus sorting is much faster on the presented results as compared to the Everything particularly if there are too many results say more than a thousand.


All the features of the Everything can also be accessed from a windows shell context menu to search only a specific directory. There are some predefined filters provided in Everything that allows to filter results based based on some specific file types such as audio, video, documents etc.

In summary Everything is a fantastic nice little software that serves its purposes really well and you will be hard pressed to find any better windows searching utility than this. You can download it from here: Everything.

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