October 2011


With the substantial increase in the Twitter popularity in a relatively small time frame many developers has come up with the client applications in Windows to interact with the Twitter. Same happened in the realm of the Firefox extensions as these days there is no shortage of the Twitter clients for the Firefox. All of these extensions differs widely in terms of GUI and the features they provide as well as in their ease of use. Actually last week I was looking for a nice Twitter client that allow me to keep a tap on all the updates and posts Read More >

Show File Size

Normally in Firefox if you want to download a file, it presents an on screen file download dialog with the options to open the file directly with a program, or to save the file. But unfortunately there is no option to show the file size that you are going to download. This small but important feature is missing from even the latest Firefox 4.0 betas. Information about the file size can be very useful sometimes if available in advance. For example some people stuck with slow connections might want to download a file only if a specific file is not Read More >


Dropbox is an extremely popular data backup and synchronization service that is adopted by its users mostly because of its simplicity and performance. But as with any other online storage service you can never be sure about the privacy of data that you are putting in there (despite what the company claims). I know that many of these services does offer enhanced encryption when transferring the data from your computer to the cloud and some even store it on their servers in the encrypted form. This way they avoid the eavesdropping from another third party but what if the service Read More >


PDF format has become so dominant these days that almost all the documents that we generate or receive from others are usually in PDF format. Consequently it happens so often that we need to quickly edit a PDF file. Desired editing might be of different types depending upon the situation such as filling out a form that do not natively support fill-in fields, adding comments to a document, or simply obscuring some information in the document before handing it over some other person or simply attaching some hyperlinks. All of the above mentioned tasks are very common for many of Read More >


Some windows users prefer to customize the placements of desktop icons on their Windows systems particularly if they have a lot of icons such as many applications, documents and folders placed on the desktop. It takes a lot of time for the custom placements of the icons on the preferred places and users would like that placement to be maintained. However, some windows application particularly some full screen applications can play mess with the placement of icons. Another scenario is when screen resolution is changed from display settings. There is a nice little utility called DesktopOK that can help in Read More >


Despite the fact that a long time has passed since the Blu-ray format for movie distribution has been accepted as the mainstream, most of the consumers still don’t have the Blu-ray players or Blu-ray drives installed in their computers. For this reasons for majority of the consumers DVD is the ideal medium of choice for buying movies, music videos etc. In addition with the passage of the time storage mediums are getting more and more capacity while becoming cheaper at the same time. These days you can get hard drives with a capacity of 500GB or even 1TB of capacity Read More >

onehoursoftware | A List of 7 Very Useful Tiny Windows Utilities   AHK Utilities Revisited

Long time readers of InspiredGeek will remember that back in 2008 I reviewed a selected list of some useful Auto Hot Key based tiny utilities that were available on the DonationCoder. Since then I found some of them to be more useful than the others. Based on my user experience I decided to revisit that article and give you an even more filtered list of those utilities that maintained their usefulness (for me) till this day. Originally I planned to list only best out here from the original list of 15. But couldn’t decide so I am putting 7 of Read More >

If you are using BitTorrent for downloading stuff even if it is legal there is a high probability that your privacy is going to be compromised by monitoring of some nasty anti P2P peers waiting out there in the wild for you. Only fool proof option to avoid these issues is of course to disconnect from the P2P networks. But if you refuse to take that route then you can still reduce your chances of compromised privacy significantly by using a tool called PeerBlock. This is simple tool that you need to install and start before you connect to the Read More >

Yesterday we brought a trick for the Dropbox users where they can increase the storage space for their free account by up to 768MB  in just few simple steps without requiring any referrals. Today I have another trick for you in case you do already used (or plan to use) referrals to increase the storage space on the free Dropbox account. As you might know normally if you use referrals you get a 250MB bonus storage space for every new user you bring to the Dropbox service. Same 250MB is added to your account if you complete the Get Started Read More >


MyPhoneExplorer is a powerful and very useful tool if you need to manage, backup or simply synchronize your address book, SMS messages calendar with your desktop computer. This can come really handy in some scenarios for example as I know many old SE and Nokia mobile phone (even some newer phones) have a very limited storage space for the SMS messages (mostly 50 or 100). If you reach this limit then you have to delete some existing messages to make room for newly arriving messages. This is very annoying if you are an SMS addict. This software can help in Read More >

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