Broadband Speeds in Sweden Hit Full Throttle as Tele2 Upgrades Connections to 100Mbps at No Extra Cost!

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image7 | Broadband Speeds in Sweden Hit Full Throttle as Tele2 Upgrades Connections to 100Mbps at No Extra Cost!

Normally broadband connections are pretty stable here in Stockholm and service downtimes are few and far between. Even if there is a temporary network service failure it doesn’t last long. It was precisely the reason when two days ago I was extremely annoyed at a time when I was remotely working on some Linux workstations that we have situated at KTH from home and suddenly my internet connection went down. I thought it is something wrong with my D-Link wireless router as it sometimes gets stuck and loses the Internet connection. I have to restart it every two or three weeks to make it work again. But this time restart didn’t help. Then I tried by directly connecting my PC thorough the Ethernet cable to the  Tele2 port but still no access to the Internet! At that time I realized that it is something wrong with the Tele2 service. I had to wait to for more than two hours and then I tried again to connect. To my surprise this time Ethernet line was alive and when I tried to browse to a website it brought me directly to the Tele2 Internet services portal (same portal that is accessed when you are activating the Internet broadband service for the first time). I have gone through portal following the usual steps and guess what in a matter of 5 minutes I was running their upgraded broadband Internet service cruising at no less than a 100 Mbps! So basically during this unusually ling downtime (in a routine scenario) they were upgrading the line to the faster speeds.

I guess most of the people living in the Kista Galleria apartments will now be enjoying this substantially faster broadband speed. Actually, we were already notified that in November and December time frame Tele2 will provide the upgraded service but exact dates were not mentioned to us. It is a big jump in speeds from humble 8 Mbps to screaming 100 Mbps. I tested  the actual bandwidth through the and it was around 95 Mbps mark (by directly connecting the laptop to the Tele2 jack via 1 GBE cable). Since my wireless router don’t  supports the newer IEEE 802.11n standard I was getting around 35 – 40 Mbps when connecting through the Wi-Fi. But it is still  like 5 times higher than previous connection speeds. So it was for the download speed and for the upload speed it is still 10 Mbps as before (for more on to this see below). As I know Tele2 is already in the process of upgrading the connections in the SSSB buildings also and whole process should finish before the years end.

The best part about this that I didn’t tell you so far is that for many people like me this upgrade came without paying anything extra! However, if you like to have a 100 Mbps bidirectional connections (both uploading and downloading) you will need to select the relevant options in Tele2 broadband setup portal and will need to pay 200 SEK ( about 30 USD) in monthly fees. Although it is still not that much. For those that don’t know Tele2 is one of the largest Internet service providers here in Sweden.

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