TIP: Launch Multiple Items From Bookmark Menus in Firefox by Forcing Menu to Remain Open

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Yesterday I talked about how one can add scrollbars to the bookmark menus to make navigation faster and more convenient by using the scrollbar for navigation instead of the mouse trackball etc. for long menus in Firefox. There is another problem that you might have noticed in case you want to open multiple bookmarks in the browser you have to open the bookmarks menu each time and click  on the desired bookmark item to open it in a new tab. It is really tedious process if you want to open multiple bookmarks from the same menu. In this case it will be much more convenient if the menu stays open and in the mean time you could open multiple bookmarks.

image11 | TIP: Launch Multiple Items From Bookmark Menus in Firefox by Forcing Menu to Remain Open

Stay-Open Menu is a Firefox extension that solves exactly this problem! Once installed it allows you to launch multiple bookmark items without letting the menu to close by middle-clicking on the desired items one by one and each of these items start to load in a new tab (optionally ctrl + click). Whenever a normal click is performed outside the menu – it will disappear as we might expect.

This extension in fact not only works for the bookmark menu but also any other menu types in Firefox also. Newer versions even work in the Firefox location bar (aka awesome-bar) without problems! So any number of desired items can be launched from the location bar dropdown menu without letting it to close after launching the first item in that case. In my case I have placed all my most important bookmarks in single folder placed on the bookmarks toolbar. Having installed this extension now I just click on the folder to open the menu and middle-click on all the items I want to open in new tabs rather than to bring this menu up again and again for each of the launched bookmarks. It is really very convenient!

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  • Hasan

    it is really pain to open multiple bookmark on a firefox.thanks

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