Spell Checking Made Easier in Firefox!

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Default spell checker included in Firefox is pretty good for most purposes and it is simple to use. For example it highlights all the words in error and then you can right-click on any word that is not spelled correctly and choose one of the suggestions from the words that appear in the right-click context menu of the Firefox. This mechanism works pretty well if you just need to fix a few errors but if you have a large amount of text that you want to spell check then you have to repeat the same procedure as mentioned above for all the words that are in error. This becomes tedious pretty quickly. This is where SpellBound comes to rescue!

image12 | Spell Checking Made Easier in Firefox!

Basically this extension don’t replace the built-in spell checker but only enhances by making it more convenient to use. After installation of the SpellBound extension it will make your life much easier for spell checking multiple words. SpellBound toolbar button becomes enabled when ever you are in a edit box and just need to press it to activate the SpellBound interface to spell check all the words in error in one go! It can also be activated from the Firefox context menu if you want. All the important options for spell checking including replace, replace all, ignore, ignore all, manual entry are covered. Most importantly spell checking interface is pretty easy to navigate. Once you are done press the close button at the bottom. Closest thing I can think of is the spell checking interface built-in to our beloved Windows Live Writer from Microsoft that we use for blog publishing but only more powerful! It can be installed from the Firefox extension repository here.

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