Compress Windows Applications to Gain Storage Space and Increase Performance!

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Normally many of the computer software applications contain highly compressible data, so if you can somehow compress the data a lot of extra free space can be gained, but the problem is you can’t use your typical compression software such as WinZip or WinRAR etc. as they will just create an archive and then you will not be able to run the application. This is where dedicated application compressors come in to picture. AppCompactor is one of the best out there of such a kind. It uses the UPX to compress binary data of your programs. Programs compressed through this method will take much less space on the hard-disk (up to 50% less in many cases!) and may even speedup the startup of the applications if you are going to run it from a slow media such as a USB drive for example. As you might expect this compression is completely transparent to the application (decompression is done in real-time in memory when application is run). It will run and behave normally as there was no compression at all! This is particularly useful to compress installations that consume a lot of space.

image25 | Compress Windows Applications to Gain Storage Space and Increase Performance!

A complete set of features of the applications as specified on the their website:

  • Proven UPX binary compressor
  • 7-Zip compression of archives
  • Multiple compression levels
  • Automatic testing of compressed files
  • Automatically skips <4K files (no space savings)
  • Add inclusions/exclusions using Format
  • Compression of DLL, EXE, ZIP, JAR, IRC, PYD and BINs in all directories
  • Automatically skip launcher if selecting Format apps’ base directory
  • Saving up to 50% or more installed space of many apps
  • Faster application starts from flash drives
  • The same technology we use in Portable, Pidgin Portable, GIMP Portable and more!

It can be downloaded from

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