What’s that Song? – Identify any Playing Music on your IPhone with a Free Application!

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If it ever happened to you that you are in a party or some other social gathering and there is some nice song playing in the background to create the mood and environment at the party – you loved that song but don’t know its name? Ok maybe you don’t like parties! so say you heard a new song in a movie that you watched and you immediately want to find it and listen it on your IPhone. Fortunately for these type of scenarios there is an excellent free application available that allows to recognize any currently playing music though speakers and does it very fast.

SoundHound | Whats that Song? – Identify any Playing Music on your IPhone with a Free Application!

This application is named SoundHound and its pretty fast too on the music recognition as it takes only a couple of seconds to dig down the song for you. In addition it will also fetch the artist info and lyrics of the identified song. This application is actually a direct competitor to the extremely well known Shazam music identification application but this one seems to work better. Get SoundHound from the Apple application store now!

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