Use DesktopOK to Save the Layout of Windows Desktop Icons

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Some windows users prefer to customize the placements of desktop icons on their Windows systems particularly if they have a lot of icons such as many applications, documents and folders placed on the desktop. It takes a lot of time for the custom placements of the icons on the preferred places and users would like that placement to be maintained. However, some windows application particularly some full screen applications can play mess with the placement of icons. Another scenario is when screen resolution is changed from display settings.

There is a nice little utility called DesktopOK that can help in these cases by saving the current layout of all the icons placed on the desktop and whenever something bad happens with the desktop icons layout you can quickly restore from DesktopOK the layout that was previously saved. There is an option to automatically save the current layout periodically after a specific duration. By default for the saved layout DesktopOK automatically appends the current desktop screen resolution just to quickly locate a layout configuration in the list of all saved layouts based on the screen resolution. Also I should mention it is a green (portable) application. Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions are available.

DesktopOK | Use DesktopOK to Save the Layout of Windows Desktop Icons

This is useful utility for all the Windows users that spend a lot of time to customize their desktop icons layout and want to maintain it. DesktopOK can be downloaded here.

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