May 2011


Normally, Windows is pretty good in efficiently copying files/folders from one location to an other. In some earlier builds of Windows Vista (before SP1) users had some problems with file copying speed but they were latter eliminated with the fixes. For Windows 7 it is pretty good right from the start with almost the same efficiency of file copying as we used to see now in decades old Windows XP may be even more in some scenario’s. However, there are some cases where Windows built-in file copying mechanism might not be the most efficient to copy files. These cases include Read More >


With the evolution of Windows from the Windows XP to Vista and now to Windows 7 we have seen many improvement/refinements in the Windows explorer to boost productivity of the end users. However, as all of us know one thing that hasn’t changed for some strange reason is that there are still no tabs allowed in Windows explorer! It means if a user wants to open an other directory in Windows explorer but still want to keep the current directory open he has to open another explorer window and navigate to the desired directory. If you want to do heavy Read More >

iPhone Emulator

Well, I should make it clear right away that it is not exactly an emulator for the iPhone in the same context as many of you might be thinking. Basically, it is the name of a button made for the Custom Buttons extension that I have already introduced to you in some other articles here. It allows to open any website you are currently viewing to be opened in such a way as you are viewing in iPhone. Clicking the button once will toggle the Useragent of the Firefox to iPhone and another click will rollback the change and bring Read More >


IPhone camera with the latest IPhone 4 is more than capable of taking decent high resolution pictures. Even IPhone 3GS camera wasn’t that bad considering the time that has passed since it’s release. IPhone Camera application in the IOS hasn’t changed that much even in IOS 4.x. As always Apple seems to be focusing on making the interface clean and to the point for the casual users. Which is a good thing for most users. However, there are some people out there for which this might be a downside considering that this simplicity of the camera application comes at the Read More >


If you want to get some detailed information about different resources of your IPhone then there is a free application available in the Apple App Store that serves precisely this purpose. It is called iSys and has a straight forward interface that allows to access the information about the IPhone software, hardware, memory (i.e. free memory), network (i.e currently assigned IP), battery and disk usage etc. Information provided is pretty detailed and divided in to different tabs for easy access. There is even an option to email this information to a specific email address from within the interface. iSys can Read More >

Custom Button

In Firefox most convenient way to access the bookmarks is though the bookmarks toolbar (if it is turned on). In this way no need to go through the Firefox Menu Bar to access them and most importantly your mouse have to travel the minimum distance (from the webpage to the bookmarks toolbar). But there are occasions that you might want to turn off the bookmarks tool bar for example to gain some extra horizontal space which is already at premium for the users that have widescreen displays. Another reason might be that you simply don’t need access to a large Read More >

Normally, IPhone users who use the camera to take photos need to physically connect their phone to the computer through a USB cable afterwards to transfer all newly captured photos to the computer. But if you don’t want to waste the time to connect your IPhone to computer just to transfer a few photos and/or just too lazy to do it then there is nice free application called Cinq available in the Apple application store that allows to transfer the high resolution photos you take on the IPhone to the home computer in real-time. It is really convenient because as Read More >

Hover Zoom

It is really a nice option to have to view the pictures on the websites in larger view to take a quick glance. We already covered an extension for the Firefox that allows to zoom in to thumbnails on Facebook a few days back. A similar extension is also available for Facebook if you are using Google Chrome. Hover Zoom is an other nice and light weight extension available for the Chrome  that allows to hover over the thumbnails to get zoomed in view. Strongest point for this extension is that not only works on Facebook but also many other Read More >


Normally printing webpages when you need them can be quite tedious task (i.e. important confirmation emails, receipts, tickets) because it happens so often that you only need to save/print the “interesting” contents or useful information from the webpage but NOT those crappy logos, extra spaces, frames and other junk stuff when printing. If this kind of scenario ever occurred to you, or you happen to print important pieces of information from the webpages then a service called PrintWhatYouLike might make your life a whole lot easier! Basically it is an online service that you visit and on their site enter Read More >

Auto HD for YouTube

With the overwhelming popularity of YouTube these days it is considered like a benchmark against which all other video portals/websites are measured. Normally if you visit the YouTube and play some video there, it mostly starts in low quality. It is not necessarily a bad thing as it saves some bandwidth for the Internet users on low speed connections and makes these videos watchable, although at a lower resolution. But, if you have a very high speed Internet connection like many of us (here in Stockholm) than you would definitely like to view all the videos at the maximum possible Read More >

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