How to Translate Any Text Almost Instantly in Firefox ?

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Text translation can come very handy for many Internet users. Particularly if you need to visit websites written in some foreign language that you don’t understand. I think this is particularly true for many foreigners coming to European countries from places where English is understood very well such as most Asian countries. Of course, one can use the well known Google translator to quickly translate any required information but this is not the smartest choice. The reason is you have to for example – launch Google translator in the browser, browse to Google translator website. and then paste the text that you want to translate (you might have to select the language that you want to translate in to as well in some cases).

Quick Translator thumb | How to Translate Any Text Almost Instantly in Firefox ?

Luckily for the Firefox users there are many extensions available that can make the task much easier by simplifying the process. One of the most useful that I have recently discovered is called Quick Translator. After installation it basically adds a button to the status bar, an entry in to Firefox main context menu as well as a toolbar button. All of these choices can be customized from the settings. Basic functionality is as follows: whenever you have some word (or a sentence) that you want to translate (1) select it with the mouse, then a small icon appears beneath the mouse pointer that (2) if clicked will pop up a small windows at the bottom (above the status bar buttons) on the right side of the Firefox interface with the translation of the selected text. User can also select an option to automatically open the translation window with the translated text whenever some text is selected on a webpage. In that case there is not even a need to press a translation icon.

Another nice feature is that if status bar button is clicked a small box appears where you can enter any text that you want to translate. A whole page can also be translated if appropriate option is selected from the Firefox right-click context menu or from the context menu that appears after right-clicking the status bar button. Note that this tool uses the Google translation engine for language translation facilities.

Quick Translator is a really useful and a non-intrusive tool that can come very handy for people that need to visit a lot of foreign language websites. You can download it here.

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