Use Locationbar2 to Linkify Addresses in Firefox Location Bar for Fast Navigation

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Quick navigation to different website addresses is very important if you happen to be one of those power surfers and want to save some time. One way to save some time is by using a mechanism that allows easy navigation of different webpage URLS particularly if they are on the same domain. Let me give you an example: say you arrived at a movie description page at Yahoo like this one from somewhere else. After viewing this page you may want to go the main address for the movies to explore further may be some other movies. Normally in many browsers if you want to do this you have to go to the address bar, remove the trailing part of the URL manually and then press the Enter to force the browser to load the It is a simple but multistep process that can be streamlined and made much quicker to perform.

Locationbar2 | Use Locationbar2 to Linkify Addresses in Firefox Location Bar for Fast Navigation

As we already know Firefox has many productivity boosting or workflow improvement extensions available. So there is an extension available called Locationbar2 that linkifies the URL segments in the Firefox location bar that can be clicked to navigate to a URL quickly. It is the core functionality provided by the Locationbar2. It can even add breadcrumbs in the location bar if required. Another nice feature is the formatting of the URL addresses in the Firefox location bar so as to put more emphasize on the domain name of the website that you are currently visiting.

I think URL linkification is apparently a simple feature but extremely useful in practice as it allows for very fast navigation with in a domain by just clicking in the location bar. You can download the Locationbar2 extension for Firefox here.

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