Quickly Sync Any Windows Folder With Dropbox

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As you might know a new release candidate 1.0.0 is released just recently for the Dropbox application. A notable new feature in the new version is the inclusion of the Selective Syncing as they call it. Basically it allows to exclude some folders from syncing to every computer on which you have Dropbox installed. This is useful in some scenarios in which you might want to store a backup only in the cloud but not want to synchronize among computers like any other contents in the Dropbox folder. Some users might be disappointed to hear that there is still no option in the Dropbox to natively sync any windows folder with the Dropbox service. It means that any thing you want to sync with the Dropbox still must be in the Dropbox folder.

Dropbox Folder Sync | Quickly Sync Any Windows Folder With Dropbox

However there are some options if you want to synchronize some folder which is not in the Dropbox directory. Solution is using the symbolic links on the NTFS formatted drives. One of the nice tools that uses this technique is called Dropbox Folder Sync. This tool adds an option in the Windows shell context-menu “Sync with Dropbox” that allows to synchronize any folder with Dropbox. Basically underlying functionality of this tool depends on the symbolic links as a result this will ONLY work on NTFS formatted drives in Windows. Behind the scenes this tool will move the original folder to the Dropbox directory and create a symbolic link on the original location pointing to that folder. This will allows to Dropbox to sync the content of the folder in question and at the same time for any Windows applications symbolic link ensures that they continue to work as before as there nothing happened and folder is still therewlEmoticon smile | Quickly Sync Any Windows Folder With Dropbox. This is particularly useful for synchronizing the Firefox profile folder, Windows documents folder or some other portable applications etc.

If you are interested you can see a detailed comparison of the Dropbox and SugarSync here. It will allow you to make an easier choice between these two great synchronization services.

You can get Dropbox Folder Sync from here.

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