Quickly Resize Multiple Images From The Windows Explorer in Just 2 Easy Steps

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There is a large variety of applications available that allows to resize images in Windows and these applications come in a variety of flavors in terms of feature set and complexity. However, there is a lack of good utilities for the users that just need to quickly resize one or a set of images to another format directly from Windows explorer without the need to open complicated image editing applications such as GIMP, Adobe Photoshop or any other photo editor they are using.

Image Resizer  | Quickly Resize Multiple Images From The Windows Explorer in Just 2 Easy Steps

One of the solutions that I found compelling is a tiny utility called Image Resizer. It is an extremely simple utility that after installation adds a context menu item in the Windows explorer named “Resize Pictures”. Resizing operation works as follows: select a set images that you want to resize and from the explore context menu select the menu option Resize Pictures. Then you will presented with a simple dialog where user can select from a number of resizing profiles (small, medium, large, mobile devices etc.). If desired user can select a custom output resolution for the set of images that are required to be resized. Optionally you can specify if the resized images should overwrite the original images or they should be created as new resized images. After selecting the desired profile just press OK and in a flash you will have all the resized images in the same directory as the original images. It’s that simple!

Image Resizer Dialog | Quickly Resize Multiple Images From The Windows Explorer in Just 2 Easy Steps

Image Resizer is an interesting utility for the users that are only interested to change the size/resolution of their images and want to save some time from launching complicated image editors to perform this simple task. You can get the Image Resizer from here.

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