If you Can Earn Multiple Gigabytes of Storage Space on Dropbox by Being Helpful ?

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Default free storage space provided by Dropbox to the users is 2GB for each account but it looks like that you can earn a substantial amount of free space if you are willing to be helpful to the Dropbox team by finding bugs in their service or software. It turns out as a reader (bayXSonic) on the Lifehacker commented that his Dropbox capacity suddenly increased from 5.5GB to 15.5 GB and then to 25.5 GB! It turned out that the user had submitted a detailed bug report to the Dropbox team a few days back.

Dropbox Storage Capacity | If you Can Earn Multiple Gigabytes of Storage Space on Dropbox by Being Helpful ?

I am not sure that if everyone of us is goanna be as lucky as this guy but it is worth trying out if you can discover some bugs in their application/service.

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