How to Convert Your Favorite Bookmarks to Toolbar Buttons in Firefox?

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In Firefox most convenient way to access the bookmarks is though the bookmarks toolbar (if it is turned on). In this way no need to go through the Firefox Menu Bar to access them and most importantly your mouse have to travel the minimum distance (from the webpage to the bookmarks toolbar). But there are occasions that you might want to turn off the bookmarks tool bar for example to gain some extra horizontal space which is already at premium for the users that have widescreen displays. Another reason might be that you simply don’t need access to a large collection of the bookmarks that are placed on the bookmarks toolbar but instead only interested in some favorite bookmarks that are accessed very frequently. Whatever the reason if you don’t want to turn on the bookmarks toolbar in the Firefox but still want very fast access to your favorite bookmarks than the best option would be to have them on the usual Firefox buttons toolbar (alongside location bar, search bar etc.). But the problem is bookmarks normally cannot be put on this toolbar as they are NOT buttons right? So wouldn’t it be great if we could convert our favorite bookmarks to buttons and access them from the main Firefox toolbar and even style them with the website favicon? In fact this will make even more sense for the bookmarklets.

Custom Button | How to Convert Your Favorite Bookmarks to Toolbar Buttons in Firefox?

Actually, it is not very difficult to do if you know the procedure. One way to achieve this that I am going to tell you involves the excellent Custom Buttons extension that we have covered so many times before. So lets start the procedure:

Custom Button Main Interface thumb | How to Convert Your Favorite Bookmarks to Toolbar Buttons in Firefox?

Step1: Download and install the Custom Buttons extension. If you already have installed it then you are good to go!

Step2: Now start Firefox and bring on the context menu by right-clicking on the Firefox main toolbar (see first figure above). There should be an option visible called “Add new button…” select this and you will be brought to the main interface where you will enter the code for the new button.

Step3: Put the following code in to the big text box in the Code tab (without the “ ”):


Don’t forget to replace the URL with the actual URL of you favorite website. You can even put a bookmarklet and that should work fine.

Step4: By now basically you are done and as soon as you press ok you button should be ready and take to your favorite website on a press. But if you want to add a favicon also then follow the next steps.

Step5: Favicon of  a website is normally located at Where xxx is the domain name of the bookmark. For example in our case it should be at Press the Browse button (in front of the image label) in the Create New button interface and simply paste the URL of the favicon here and now just press Open.

Step6: Afterwards don’t forget to press the button base64(to attach the icon resources to the button).

Step7: Finally press the OK button in the main interface and now your newly created button will update with the a favicon!

So, here you are. Actually, this procedure might look a bit long but it is very easy I think. Once you create your first button the next ones will come pretty fast!

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