How to Boost Your File Copying Speed in Windows?

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Normally, Windows is pretty good in efficiently copying files/folders from one location to an other. In some earlier builds of Windows Vista (before SP1) users had some problems with file copying speed but they were latter eliminated with the fixes. For Windows 7 it is pretty good right from the start with almost the same efficiency of file copying as we used to see now in decades old Windows XP may be even more in some scenario’s. However, there are some cases where Windows built-in file copying mechanism might not be the most efficient to copy files. These cases include (but not limited to) if you want to copy only a few files but with very large sizes (probably in the order GBs). In addition, if you have two or more HDDs in your system and want to copy large files from a partition on one HDD to a partition on an other HDD then Windows built-in file copying mechanism might not be very efficient either as it don’t take performance advantage that can be exploited by parallelizing the reading and writing (I/O) operations in case of two or more HDDs.

FastCopy | How to Boost Your File Copying Speed in Windows?

If you happen to be in any of these scenario’s and want to copy/move big files across partitions I will highly recommend to use a third party file copying software. One such software that I going to tell you today is called FastCopy. It is an open source software and very lean & mean in size (just few 100 KB). It can also be run in portable mode in case you don’t want to install it.

Key functionality of FastCopy is pretty simple. You just need to provide the Source and Destination file/folder and press the Execute button. There is also an option in case someone wants to limit the file copying speed. Advanced users can also play around with the buffer size. But for most casual users I will recommend to keep all the options at the default setting.

FastCopy is a very useful file copying utility that I recommend if you are going to copy large sized files particularly across different HDDs. FastCopy can be downloaded from the official website (both 32 bit and 64 bit versions are available).

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