March 2011


OS7 is new theme for the Jailbroken iOS devices that can skin these device to look more like Windows Phone 7. It is a simple plug-and-play theme, static tiles and application lists are both auto-created. Easily customizable start menu, including live tiles. Requires NO paid plugins. Runs independently from winterboard. Some of the features of the theme are as follows; No Iconoclasm No Infiniboard No SpringJumps No WinterBoard No Setup Required No Missing Icons (Auto-create) Actually, it will be a paid theme but price will be set according to a voting system. Here are the instructions for the installation: 1. Read More >


Avast! 6 free edition beta preview is available for the download. This time again just like in the previous versions some new features are added from the commercial version. One of the most important is sandbox feature inherited from the commercial sibling of the application. In the AutoSandbox feature of the Avast any malicious application can be detected and automatically put in the sandbox for execution, in this way there is no risk of harming the actual PC by any malware or virus for example. Package also now includes a WebRep browser plugin which displays the reputation of the websites Read More >

Angry Birds

Angry Birds iPhone game has taken the iPhone Gaming App charts by storm and is now also available on the Android platform. In fact, it is one of the top games that we mentioned in our list of Top Casual Free Games on the Android. Now the PC version of the Angry Birds is being offered for free by the PC World and Currys online app stores. This offer is already live starting from today. It will run through the whole month of March or until the 15,000 copies run out. To get it for free you just need to Read More >

iPad -2-display

New rumors have surfaced which claim that Apple’s next flagship device, iPAD 2, will not feature Retina Display – the high resolution display of iPhone 4. This claim is based by a Taiwanese analyst, based on production estimates. They claim that Apple has ordered about 4 Million iPAD 2 units to be prepared by the end of this quarter. And this production estimate far exceeds the yield rate for retina displays. Hence, making Apple revert back to standard display for iPAD 2 by default. For the unaware, ‘Retina Display” is the ultra crisp screen first featured on iPhone 4 and Read More >


Sony has started to dish out permanent bans for players in Call of Duty Black Ops. The latest firmware update 3.56 for PS3, a ‘security update’, has the ability to permanently ban people suspected as being Modders, Hackers or Cheaters by Sony. Call of Duty Black Ops is the multi-million mega hit from Team Treyarch which has spent weeks topping games sales charts. Now many people are contesting this decision on the official forums, saying that they were given these bans unjustly as they were not involved in these practices. Some saying “My Friend did it”. You can read more Read More >


Internet can be thought of as an infinite universe that we can easily lost in to with almost unlimited boundaries. Just like our universe it also seems to expanding in all direction without any limits in sight. Focus has done a remarkable job of trying to put the magnitude of this amazing world that we call Internet in to perspective. And they do so with some very interesting visualized statistics to put the massive scale of this beast in to perspective. Some of the stats are really mind blowing for example: there 255 million websites on the Internet, 20 million Read More >

Toshiba Qosmio T750

Toshiba has just announced it’s amazing laptop Qosimo T750 to the world. This laptop is particularly attractive for the people out there that want some really really unique stuff! Well, you might say what is is so unique or special about this laptop. So, the most unique thing about this laptop from Toshiba is that unlike other laptops on the market today its lid is not of a fixed/static color. But instead it actually shifts colors based on the angle from which you see it. Interestingly this effect has been achieved without using any metal surface but instead plastic surface Read More >

In this ongoing iOS vs Android war, where Apple has clearly established its superiority in the gaming platform, Android is still catching up. However, it does not mean that Google’s open source OS is without its own share of fun games. Here I unveil my favorite top ten casual android games. This selection of top games is mostly based around casual games which can be played for a couple of minutes while you are travelling in train, waiting for a class to start and so on. And best of all, I have only selected free apps from the Android Market Read More >

Time to get excited for fans of Call of Duty: Black Ops – the first DLC for the game will be made available on Feb 1 this year. It is initially being released on the Xbox 360 whereas the PC and PS3 versions will receive the map pack after one month. Unlike prior DLC or map packs for the Call of Duty series, this one will carry a hefty price tag of $15. Ouch !! Time for Activision to make some more money. Anyways, First strike was featured on Inside XBOX recently and here we are presenting this new official Read More >

Facebook Security Hack

Facebook has already taken the world by storm and has now become the most popular website on the Internet for the social interaction. This popularity also brings some problems since there is a massive amount of user data that is stored on their servers and it becomes a security risk in the scenarios where their servers security is compromised, and then all this massive sensitive personal users data on their servers might be leaked in the wild. An exploit for the Facebook has been posted on Reddit by a user that can bypass the Facebook security and allow the access Read More >

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