Remove Unwanted Parts, Adjust Volume or Cleanup MP3 Files without Re-encoding

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mpTrim is a simple file utility that can be used to remove unwanted parts of an mp3 file such as silence at the start or end of a file. It can also be used to adjust the volume manually or automatically for volume normalization. In addition, it can also be used to recover wasted space by optimizing the space consumed by the file. One last feature is that it can be used to introduce fade-ins and fade-outs for preventing the abrupt changes in the audio volume levels. Most important point to note is that mpTrim can perform all these functions without decompressing and/or re-encoding the mp3 file. For this reason, there is no loss in the audio quality of the file. Also, as a result all of the above mentioned operations can be performed very fast as there is no encoding and re-encoding involved.

mpTrim | Remove Unwanted Parts, Adjust Volume or Cleanup MP3 Files without Re encoding

mpTrim is nice little mp3 editor for the users that want to perform some simple operations on their mp3 file collection but without the extra hassle of using complicated software for these tasks and all of this without the need to perform the encoding and re-encoding operation.

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