Monitor File and Folder Activities to Trigger Useful Actions in Windows

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It might be useful to monitor file and folder changes for a variety of reasons in Windows. For example one might be interested in monitoring the changes in a folder and backup the contents of the folder in an automated manner as soon as some new files are created in the folder, some files are deleted and/or some files have changed . In this case user might be interested to execute some backup/synchronization utility as soon as some changes are detected in the folder contents. There are many free utilities available for Windows that can help in the above mentioned scenario.

Watch 4 Folder | Monitor File and Folder Activities to Trigger Useful Actions in Windows

Watch 4 Folder is one such system utility for Microsoft Windows that can monitor file sand folders for different system events and trigger different actions (such as executing a program or a batch file) when these system events happen in real-time. Watch 4 Folder can trigger actions on 15 different types of events (file create, delete, change, folder change etc.). It can also monitor hidden files and folders. Furthermore desktop alters can be generated when the specified system events occur (in addition to the popup messages). It is a portable software so no installation is required. Watch 4 Folder can be downloaded from the official website.

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  • HappyElderGeek

    Tried free version of Watch4Folder; never could get it to detect the creation of a specific named file at root of a specific drive.

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