Reduce Size for Large PDF Files Using New Compression Features!

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PDF files can grow pretty large in size particularly the ones that include a lot of graphics/images. Usually similar to the other media files (audio/video and images) PDF files cannot be easily compressed with the traditional zip/rar compression algorithms. However, new PDF specifications includes some compression features that can be used to reduce the size of the PDF files by removing the duplicate objects.

Free PDF Compressor | Reduce Size for Large PDF Files Using New Compression Features!

Free PDF Compressor uses these compression features to reduce the file size. This software is particularly effective for graphics heavy files. Large PDF files can take some time to perform optimization. On my test PDF file with lots of graphics inside (40 MB) it was able to reduce the size to 31 MB in about 2 minutes which is a pretty good result I think. Two different compression algorithms are available Flate and RunLength. Different compression levels are also available (Default, Fastest, Maximum, None).

Latest version of this program is now shareware but the last freeware version can be downloaded here.

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