Apple iPad 2 to be Released April 2nd or 9th [Video] ?

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Rumors flying around about iPad 2 are heating up these days. So, it is not unrealistic to assume that iPad 2 release is not far away in the future. MacRumors is stating that iPad might see the light of the day in US on April 2nd or 9th. It is also mentioned that it might be sold exclusively for first few months in US before being introduced in to other countries. In addition, at first it will be sold exclusively by the Apple for first six months before being sold through other partner retail channel such as Wal-Mart.

ipad2 thumb | Apple iPad 2 to be Released April 2nd or 9th [Video] ?

A video leaked from CES is attached below which shows a dummy version of the iPad 2.

It is rumored that new iPad 2 will not support any Home button in addition to supporting new retina display, USB port and front and rear facing cameras.

[via Device Magazine]

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