BSI Technology Used in iPhone 4 Camera will be Used by the Kodak in It’s High End Line of Cameras

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iPhone 4 camera includes a technology that many of its users might not know about which contributes significantly to its higher image quality and used rather rarely in mobile-phone/ smart-phone cameras. This technology is called Back Side Illumination (BSI) and was highlighted as one of the key features of the iPhone 4 camera back many months back when Steve Jobs was announcing the iPhone 4 to the world.

iphone 4 bsi image sensor thumb | BSI Technology Used in iPhone 4 Camera will be Used by the Kodak in It’s High End Line of Cameras

BSI technology basically allows the image sensor in the camera to capture more light when taking a snapshot which ultimately helps to increase the image sensor sensitivity. High image sensor sensitivity enhances the camera performance under low light conditions by reducing noise. Originally this technology was introduced by Sony back in 2008 for its Cyber Shot line of cameras. OmniVision introduced this technology to the smartphone world.

Now Kodak is using BSI technology in its Easy Share Max camera. Kodak describes BSI as follows: "CMOS sensors deliver higher quality pixels–better pixels are better than more pixels. Kodak’s first BSI CMOS sensor delivers stunning low-light picture quality with less noise and less blur–no flash needed."


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