Mozilla Blocks Skype Toolbar Add-on for Firefox Due to Crashes!

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Skype logo thumb | Mozilla Blocks Skype Toolbar Add on for Firefox Due to Crashes!Mozilla has blocked the popular Skype add-on for Firefox from running in the latest stable build of the Firefox browser that is Firefox 3.6.13. Mozilla reported that error prone Skype add-on was responsible for 40,000 crashes just in the last week! It also drastically slowed down the page loading time in Firefox according to Mozilla.

Furthermore Mozilla said:

Additionally, depending on the version of the Skype Toolbar you’re using, the methods it uses to detect and re-render phone numbers can make DOM [document object model] manipulation up to 300 times slower, which drastically affects the page rendering times of a large percentage of web content served today (plain English: to the user, it appears that Firefox is slow loading web pages),

We believe that both of these items constitute a major, user-facing issue, and meet our established criteria for blocklisting an add-on.

However Skype application will continue to work fine in Firefox according to Mozilla.

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