Upcoming iPad 2 Might Include Only a One Megapixel Rear Facing Camera After All!

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ipad2 leak camera 9to5mac | Upcoming iPad 2 Might Include Only a One Megapixel Rear Facing Camera After All!

It was leaked earlier that upcoming iPad 2 is very likely to include a rear facing camera. However most of us were expecting a high resolution camera probably at least with a resolution of 3 megapixel or higher. But according to the latest digging by the 9 to 5 Mac in the iOS 4.3 beta from Apple they have come to the conclusion that the latest and greatest iPad coming from Apple will only include a meager 1 MP camera! This is higher than the 0.7 MP camera that is present in the latest generation iPods but a far cry from the iPhone 4 camera. However, it should be enough to shoot a 720p video on the iPad 2.

As for the front facing camera it is very likely to be a VGA camera as on the current generation iPhone 4. However, this is just speculation based on the digging in the iOS 4.3 betas but NOT a final confirmation on the specs of the new iPad 2.

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